1. Our Vision:

'To be regarded as the leading UK provider of anti-ligature, impact resistant luminaires’.

2. Our Values

As a DaRo Group company, Lights Years Ahead shares the same values, namely; Quality Assurance, Continuous Investment, Pride, Customer Service and Innovation.

3. Light Years Ahead

With an almost exclusive focus over 20 years on developing anti-ligature and impact resistant luminaires for high risk environments, Light Years Ahead has established a leading market position in this field. In particular, LYA is a leading supplier to the custodial sector where its products are renowned for their durability under the most extreme attack. As well as protecting occupants from self-harm, given the cost of replacement and repair in such environments this is critical to reducing life time costs.

Going forward, LYA’s primary focus is on two areas. The first is further enhancing the company’s stronghold in the custodial sector as the sector retrofits and upgrades existing fluorescent luminaires to the latest LED technology. The second area is applying this expertise and reputation in high impact resistant luminaires to adjacent areas where the same qualities are valued in niche Healthcare, Civil and Industrial applications.

4. The DaRo Group: Pride in UK Manufacturing

LYA is a 100% owned subsidiary of The DaRo Group Ltd, along with DaRo Fibre Products Ltd, DaRo Products Ltd and DaRo UV Systems Ltd. LYA fits perfectly with the The DaRo Group Strategy ‘To develop, either organically or through acquisition, product businesses which leverage the Groups’ core capabilities in design, manufacture, assembly and distribution.’

LYA directly benefits from the DaRo Group structure which is purposefully designed to deliver the best of both small and large companies.

As with DaRo Group, Light Years Ahead is proud to be a UK manufacturing business. By bringing all manufacturing and assembly in-house, LYA’s customers benefit from quality assurance (including ISO 9001:2015), reduced lead times and an improved competitive position.

5. Lighting Industry Association Member

LYA have recently been approved as a member of the Lighting Industry Association, the largest trade association in Europe dedicated to serving the UK Lighting Industry and its supply chain.

As a member of the Lighting Industry Association, LYA benefits from up to date advice, technical support, laboratory testing services and networking opportunities.

6. Our Team

As well as benefitting from the expertise across the wider DaRo Group, the Light Years Ahead team consists of;

  • Damon Goodyear, Group Managing Director
  • Mervyn Douglas, LYA Managing Director
  • Sarah Pennock, Financial Controller
  • Ian Bianchi, Account Manager
  • Gerald Cook, Technical Manager
  • Darrell Jamieson, Product Design

7. Job Opportunities

Light Years Ahead is currently experiencing a period of rapid change and growth and are seeking to recruit ambitious, talented individuals to assist in the next period of development of the business.

Specifically, LYA are seeking to recruit for the following roles; General Manager and Head of Sales and Marketing.

If you are interested in either of these roles, please contact us.

8. Lighting Testing and Product Compliance

LYA have partnered with LUX-TSI for independent LED lighting testing, certification and product compliance. LUX-TSI laboratories are UKAS (ILAC), IEC (CB) and BSI accredited and have over 150 years of experience in the testing of products.

9. Customers

Light Years Ahead luminaires are installed across the UK and abroad. Within the UK custodial sector, significant prison projects have included HMP Aylesbury, Belmarsh, Buckley Hall, Coldingley, Eastwood Park, Highpoint, Featherstone, Leicester, Lowdham Grange, Stocken and Woodhill.

Our luminaires are installed across police stations and magistrates courts in Bournemouth, Cambridgeshire, Chelmsford, Milton Keynes and Wigan.

For local authorities we have worked with Bury Metropolitan, Manchester County Council, Monmouthshire and Wrexham Borough Council.

Across the Healthcare sector, customers include Addenbrooks and Ashworth Hospitals, MerseyCare NHS Trust, Queen Alexander Hospital and many others.

10. UK Sales: Distribution Partners

Light Years Ahead’s UK sales and marketing strategy is both direct and through distribution partners.

LYA have a significant installed base and direct relationships with many end users, such as prisons and police stations, and with consultants, construction and mechanical and engineering companies.

LYA also has a significant network of national electrical distributors which we are always looking to strengthen and expand.

If you are interested in becoming a LYA distribution partner please contact us.

11. Overseas Markets: Export Partners

The Ministry of Justice specifications and testing regimes for Safer and Standard Cell luminaires are regarded amongst the most stringent and respected in the world and have more than stood the test of time. Compliance with these standards makes Light Years Ahead’s Enduralux and Protectalux products attractive for installation across the world where local regulations and standards are likely to be exceeded, or at least matched.

LYA are actively seeking overseas based lighting companies and distributors to become exclusive export partners within a country or region. LYA are delighted to have already entered into one such exclusive relationship in Australia and New Zealand with Verslaux Pty Ltd, the leading independent Australian lighting company.

If you are interested in becoming a LYA export partner please contact us.

12. LED Retrofit and Replacement

ED technology offer significant energy savings to traditional fluorescent lamps and LYA are able to offer LED retrofit and replacement solutions across the luminaire range, both on a standard and bespoke basis. This can be undertaken on an individual luminaire or on a wholesale project basis, as recently completed at Bournemouth Custody Suite.

LED retrofit can be particularly attractive given the longevity of LYA lens and metalwork guarantees (10 years) and where products are costly to replace in entirety, such as Cornice systems. If you are interested in LED retrofit or replacement of existing fluorescent luminaires please contact us for further information.

13. Electronic Components

Unless otherwise stated, all electronic components are supplied by Tridonic, a leading global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions. Along with Light Years Ahead’s in-house manufacturing, partnering with Tridonic for electronic components provides both an assurance of quality and LYA’s products benefitting from the latest developments in LED lighting technology.

14. Component Guarantee

Light Years Ahead offer the following basic component guarantees; lens and metalwork, 10 years, electronic components with a physical rated life of less than 50,000 hours, 3 years, those with a physical rated life of 50,000 hours or more, 5 years. For rechargeable emergency batteries with a physical rated life of 4 years of operation, or greater, 12 months.

15. IES/LDT Files

If you require any IES/LDT files for any of our products, please contact us.

Weee Compliant

WEEE Compliance

Light Years Ahead is a producer of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and is therefore obligated under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. We are fully compliant with all responsibilities as a registered member of UK government approved WEEE Compliance Scheme, Clarity Environmental. Our WEEE producer registration number is WEE/DC0067TX.

We have formally documented policies relating to the WEEE Regulations and we review our processes on a formalised and regular basis to ensure we remain fully compliant.

The UK WEEE Regulations were first introduced in 2007 with the aim of reducing the amount of EEE ending up in landfill. As per the requirements of the Regulations we finance the recovery and recycling of WEEE when it reaches the end of its life and ensure our EEE products are marked accordingly with a crossed out wheeled bin symbol and a date mark. We also provide information on reuse and environmentally sound treatment of the products.

Clarity Environmental can provide more information about the WEEE Regulations here. or find out more at the website.

ISO 9001 Certification

You can download a copy of our ISO 9001 Certification from the list of documents on the right.

Our certificate number is 21207.